Play Ideas

Author: Jessica

This is a page for ideas for Ashley, Gregory and Jessica’s play.



Ashley: how about we do something like there are a group of friends then they become enemys then go to camp together and in the end they become friends again.♥

Jessica: Ok Thats good how about a family of kids who losed there home and parents in a fire.

Ashley: Well do thatt at christmass. remember we are going to minnesota this year(i think)

Jessica:No I am not I am going to the brickleys for x-mas. Grandma gave me a Idea I think we should also look online For childrens plays that are not to short and not big and that would work for all 3 of us unless gregory does not want to do it.

Ashley:oh. I think we can do that change it a bit, ad some music and bam were done! I’m gona start looking.

Jessica: lol Me too

Jessica: Found 2 and i printed them.